An Insight On How Do Oil Field Accidents Happen?

Oil fields are dangerous places. The flammability of oil makes the areas prone to many risks. Due to the large volumes of oil in storage, an explosion is fatal and can lead to a lot of property destruction. How do oil field accidents happen? Is an important issue to address.

What are the common types of oil field accidents?

Fire is the most significant danger in an oil field. Evaporation of the petroleum products in storage results in a lot of pressure in storage tanks. If such a situation if not checked, it can cause the storage facilities to explode. Malfunctioning machines are also hazardous and can injure users.


What to do when an accident occurs

If a fire breaks out, the first step to averting disaster is getting everyone working in the oil field to a safe place. All electrical connections should be shut down, and fire extinguishers used to combat the fire. In case one is injured, they should get immediate first aid immediately.

Regulations governing oil field accidents

As a way of safeguarding people working in oil fields, drilling firms are supposed to have a safe working environment for their workers. Safety equipment such as gloves and fire extinguishers should be available. An alarm system should always be active to alert workers of any accidents

Oil drilling company workers are supposed to have an insurance cover. Such a policy safeguards against personal accidents while one is performing their duties in the field. A firm can also have insurance for the equipment used in the oil drilling process.

Presenting your claim after an accident

Immediately an accident occurs, notify your insurance cover provider. Avail the necessary documents to facilitate a speedy inquiry and compensation. Accidents occurring out of negligence do not qualify for payment. Employees should follow personal safety guidelines to boost their safety while working in oil fields.